Spanish Language Day

On April 23, 1616 died in Madrid, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, who contributed to the aggrandizement of the Spanish language, with his greatest work: “The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha”.

In his remembrance and tribute, on April 23 has been designated to commemorate the “Language Day” Spanish.

In some countries both marks for the same reason, the “Day of the Book.”

Language is a symbolic and cultural elements that distinguishes man from other beings in the zoological scale.

One of the essential tools for the achievement of human communication, because through their use as established social code, allows the circuit to carry out communication between humans.

The Spanish (or Castilian and other linguists call it) is one of the most expanded in the world. And the language has in turn attached a culture of social groups that use it, is why they share so much in common between Spain and Latin American countries because of their language heritage has left an indelible mark on religion, customs, race, culture, art, literature, the offspring, who have overcome major differences were in the struggles for independence of the Americas in the nineteenth century.

Spanish is a language very rich in expressions, synonyms, adjectives, words that have entered the language from the various inputs from the invasion of Arabs in the Middle Ages (For example: almohada, alhelí, alcachofa, alcaucil, , etc), even the words of American Indian origin from the time of conquest (papa, chocolate, tomate, mandioca, maiz, cacao, etc.), or the gaucho and the River Plate slang (such as rancho, tapera, mate , pingo, pibe, etc).

The defense of the language in their care and proper use leads to maintain the cultural traditions of a people.

All transmission of ideas and intellectual contacts, the interpretation of media bibliographies and oral and written, as well as everyday conversation and exchange of views, has a basis in common: language, an essential element of the acquis and charged customs.

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