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UruguayUruguay has a coastline of 600 miles of beautiful beaches. Half is on the estuary of the Río de la Plata and the rest of the Atlantic Ocean. The Río de la Plata technically ends in Punta del Este, but rarely found in river waters after Piriapolis.
The waters off the Uruguayan coast are 100% free of pollution and the high tourist season starts in December and ends in March with its peak activity in January.

Beautiful ocean beaches can be found east of Montevideo. When driving to the east, the first area is the Gold Coast. Their white sands and calm waters, have become home to many foreigners for its beauty and short distance (45 minutes) to Montevideo.
When traveling east (1 hour Montevideo) along the coastline, the beaches of Uruguay begin to become larger and more ocean.
The first to arrive is Piriapolis, a historic Mediterranean-style spa. Mr. Francisco Pirie was a Mason and an alchemist who founded the resort in the early 1900s Its castle and other buildings, like any other building style are a must for those who travel the area. The place is similar to the coast of Nice, and is surrounded by beautiful green hills and clear waters.
Around Piriapolis several smaller resorts and splendid beaches; quiet and family with watersports, some with great surfing waves, and other endless desert, also with great waves. Other small rocky beaches are special for snorkeling and free-fall jumps.
Piriapolis has an ecological wildlife reserve where many of our native animals are kept in their natural habitat so they can be observed and protected. Piriapolis is a good choice for a relaxing beach holiday in Uruguay.
You continuing east, only half an hour from Piriapolis enter in the Pearl of the Atlantic: Punta Del Este. This city is so beautiful and has so much to offer that has a special place in this exclusive site to Punta del Este.
You are driving farther to the northeast (1 + 1/2 hour) to Punta del Este will reach the coast of Rocha, most beautiful and peaceful places in Uruguay. Its geographical location (near the Brazilian border), its nature and stunning landscapes delight every person who visits these places. The main idea to enjoy holidays Rocha is to stay in one of the coastal resorts, rent a beach house and go to your preferences havens Rocha.
La Paloma is the largest and closest seaside resort of Rocha. The beaches of La Paloma differ in: La Aguada beach north and south Solari. Both have big waves, bars, and sports arena as well as extensive areas of large dunes and transparent waters special for relaxation.
Between these two beaches of La Paloma is a very quiet bay for water sports and family activities; and a very famous and popular beach called Balconada, where bars with live music at sunset ensure fun on the beach for those at La Paloma.
La Pedrera is located only 10 minutes from La Paloma but is quite different. It has become very popular in recent years for young people who attend mass. It is also a rocky point, and the beaches of La Pedrera its divided into: The Desplayado and The Boat.
The nightlife is intense and fun. Large outdoor bars in the woods or on the beach offer great live music, djs, drinks and fun. The people staying in nearby resorts choose the holidays in La Pedrera each night.
Punta del Diablo is one of our favorites. It is a small fishing village, and is 1 hour away from La Paloma and 45 minutes from the Brazilian border. He has kept the magic and the traditional format of fishermen through the years. Small huts on the rocks and only 20 meters from the water can be rented during the summer season at incredibly low prices.
Even inns and small hotels in Punta del Diablo style spa respected fishermen. The place is mystical and amazing. People around the world are trapped by the energy and beauty. It also has two beaches, one on each side and has one of the best surf beaches in the country. The sea food is excellent and fresh as it is still really a fishing village, empty during winter, but full and fun during the summer.
The national park of Santa Teresa (15 Min. Punta del Diablo) is handled by the military, where hundreds of species of trees are preserved park. It is very neat and tidy.
There is a good organization for camping with full services, just in front of the beaches of Santa Teresa with the most perfect waves of Uruguay, is surely the best choice for those who like camping and surfing.
The beach is incredibly fun and the park is very well kept. There is also a fortress of Santa Teresa, the 1700’s intact evidence of the struggle between Spain and Portugal in these lands during the colonial times. A large community of Uruguayan and foreign camping in Santa Teresa each year.
Cabo Polonio is the most hidden and most secret of the coast of Uruguay point. Access is usually in huge trucks through the dunes and pine forests. When finally salts behind the forest, and walk on a huge sand dune can see the village of Cabo Polonio. The second option is to cross these 7 kilometers of forest on foot or by entering a town called Valizas 6 km away from the beach. There are dangers in this entertaining tour.
It is also a tiny fishing village but virtually no services. This place is disconnected from the technology and is outside the scope of the world, so it is a perfect place to switch off and relax the body and mind.
Houses built on the grass and rocks, only meters from the water, can be rented for a magical summer vacation and a unique experience.
Sunset brings fishermen and people return to their ships to buy fresh fish directly to them. The waves here are amazing, big and strong.
The beauty of nature can be seen in many of the beaches of Uruguay. Many sea mammals such as seals, dolphins and sea lions can be observed closely. Especially in the Cape there is an important book.
Eubalaena australis is a whale that comes every year to mate our waters. These creatures can be seen from the beach and are a great attraction today. The Last April our shores were visited by some orcas that are very rare to see here.

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