Reasons to Learn Spanish Language (Part 1)

Learning Spanish and its importance for your education:

Here we will share information to help you select and learn the Spanish language.

Learn Spanish

While the Spanish language learning requires a great deal of time and effort can also be a fulfillment of an achievement that expands your horizons and exposes you to new opportunities and cultures. Unfortunately, the difficulties associated with learning new languages often cause people to give up prematurely, rationalizing his decision to leave with thoughts like – “English is global, making it the only language they take care to know.”

Although you could survive the rest of your life knowing only English, consider these reasons to learn Spanish abroad:

1. The Spanish language creates new job opportunities

After learning the Spanish language will be eligible for more jobs, and you can have a greater chance of being hired because there will be fewer applicants who meet the requirement to know more about a specific language. With the increasing globalization of all industries, many companies are in great demand for bilingual employees, particularly to speak English as their primary language are able to speak Spanish, French, German and other popular languages.

Statistics show that employers pay to bilingual employees approximately 5 to 20% more per hour than the base rate of the post. For example, a customer service representative regularly can earn $ 12 an hour, while a bilingual service representative earns $ 14 an hour. If you can get to be extremely fluid your new language, you might even become a highly paid freelance translator (an average ATA-certified translator at the United States earns a minimum of $ 6000 per month).

Even if you’re happy with your current job, learn another language can generarte new experiences in your work with colleagues, and to generate the opportunity to ascend to higher positions paid bilingual positions within the company.

2.The Spanish language General Verbal Acuity Improvement

Research indicates that learning the Spanish language not only introduces you to a new dialect, but also improves your verbal acuity in your native language through exposure to different uses of prepositions and tenses. The process of learning a new language exercises part of your brain responsible for your vocabulary, so that many people realize that learning a language after Spanish and have less trouble remembering specific words. All foreign languages have some words / phrases that have no equivalent in English, so you’re exposed to new ways of describing objects and activities.

When you learn Spanish language, you have to associate to each of the words you are learning new words that are already on your English vocabulary. By doing so you are indirectly increasing the percentage of your brain that becomes active during the speech, as every spoken word has a mental association with another word in Spanish. You may notice that it becomes easier to structure more complex words spontaneously, as a second language introduces you to new found creative new ways to express yourself. In fact, some of the greatest poets, authors and composers of our time have come to dominate more than one language.

3. Increase your Love Life

By learning Spanish language instantly open doors to entirely new cultures, and that becomes twice as many opportunities to meet a beautiful person who previously could not get close. Even if you have not been behind a “foreign lover,” studies have found that English speakers feel more attracted to people who can speak another language, because it suggests a personality that is sophisticated, intellectual and multicultural. Now, this does not mean that learning a few foreign lines you will get a “game” the next level, but having the ability to speak with confidence more than one language is sure to impress and create conversation.

4. More fun when traveling

Traveling abroad can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, but typically cost much money each trip. If you spend thousands of dollars on your dream vacation, maybe you can talk with the locals and make the most of your experience. By becoming familiar with the language of your destination, you can meet more people, and as a result you will be exposed to more events, places and activities. Also find it easier to settle in, because you can just ask someone directions in the native dialect, instead of finding someone who understands you. Not necessarily need to learn a whole language before making the journey, knowing only the basics can get a long way.

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