Shopping in Punta del Este

Shopping Punta del Este

The shopping lovers will be in heaven during his trip to Punta del Este and you can learn spanish in Uruguay. In the spa countless shops and boutiques, belonging to the best local and international brands are installed. The main streets of the Peninsula are home attractive stained with a variety of clothing, jewelry, accessories, leather goods, works of art and fine crafts. It is to distract a while to buy a souvenir of Uruguay or to renew the wardrobe with the latest fashions, there are several shopping malls in Punta del Este who can not stop having.

Shopping in Gorlero

The most famous street walker Spa plunges into a world of luxury and elegant showcases galleries. On Avenida Gorlero there are excellent houses leather and handicrafts, as Rusconi (Gorlero 910) House Leather (Calle 28 between Gorlero and 20), Leather Corner (Calle 31 between Gorlero and Calle 20) and Charrua’s (Gorlero and 29) . Bookstores, boutiques, real estate, restaurants and entertainment centers make the ride more lively Gorlero of Punta del Este.

Fashion Road in Punta del Este

Parallel to Gorlero, 20th Street is known for concentrating a large number of boutiques and design. Along the walk seven blocks called “Fashion Road” in the style of the most sophisticated avenues of Paris, Milan or New York extends. On Calle 20 you can buy dresses Valentino, Louis Vuitton wallets or Reebok sneakers as exclusive local brands as they host. The walk Gorlero culminates in the Plaza Artigas, where he is a great craft fair with over 200 seats, ideal for bring a souvenir spa.

Design District of Punta del Este

The interior design and decoration have their special area in Punta del Este, on the Avenues Serra Pedragosa and Italy (from 2 to stop Roosevelt Avenue). There are installed large stores of art and design that make the Design District with luxury boutique hotels and fine restaurants. More than fifty nucleated shops in the Design District, which highlight brands like Versace Home, Bertoni, Piero and European Enlightenment.

Punta Shopping

Shopping  in Punta del Este and entertainment meet in Punta Shopping, the main commercial center of Punta del Este are given. Located on the Stop 7 and Av. Roosevelt, this modern shopping gathers dozens of local assorted items (clothes, accessories, books, electronics, gifts, perfume) plus cinemas, slots and great restaurants. The perfect choice for the family when the weather does not call for a walk outdoors.

Galleries in La Barra

As the most chic and bohemian area of Punta del Este, La Barra hosts several art galleries and ateliers, tour de force of collectors. Local recommended for art lovers: Cardoso (Route 10 km 159), Gallery South (Route 10, Parada 46), Auto White and Black (Paseo de La Barra, Route 10 km 159), Dufour (Local 6 and 8 Paseo de La Barra), Elina Damiani (the silences and Ruta 10, Km 160) and Mercedes Lasarte (Route 10, stop 46).

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