Visit the amazing vineyards of Uruguay and learn spanish

vineyards uruguay
Uruguay is a small country but it has many interesting things. On the one hand it is tourist country and its coasts are well known for the natural environment and without pollution. There are few places on Earth where we find this privilege.

There is a cultural development really attractive for visitors. It is a safe country. When a tourist decides to come to visit him to learn his language: Spanish. He encounters many unimaginable surprises.

Today I want to talk about one aspect: Wine and its preparation. In Uruguay, a wine of the highest quality is produced and there are different varieties of grapes from which the amount of different tastes comes. An adventure to know and taste them.

There are tours that are organized to meet them. SPANISH URUGUAY, a Spanish School in Montevideo is responsible for organizing them. You can then learn spanish with us and know these types of wines.

The tour delves into the Uruguayan wine region to see some of its best known wineries, where we will discover both its wines and other typical products of the region. During this visit we will go to one of the most representative wineries in Uruguay.

We will pick you up at your hotel and leave Montevideo behind to go to one of the main wineries in Uruguay. We have at least six
wineries to visit, such as Spinoglio, Pizzorno, Marichal, Juanico, Artensana or Antigua Stagnari, among others.

Most of the wineries are located north of the capital, where there are fantastic landscapes of vineyards. Once you arrive at the winery, you will know the wine culture that Uruguay has been acquiring throughout the last years.

When you arrive at the winery, you will contemplate the importance of this place. The lights are dim, the temperature is cool and, above all, you will perceive the intense smell of oak and wine.
There, you will have an expert sommelier who will give all the necessary explanations so that you become experts in Uruguayan wine.
To do this, you will taste four types of medium and high-end wine along with cold cuts typical of the area.
Finally, and after about two hours of visit, you will return to your accommodation.

When the reservation is made you can choose to complete your tour with the option that includes food in the winery. You will enjoy a complete menu consisting of starters, a main dish and dessert, all accompanied by premium wines.
The sommelier will recommend the best combination for each dish. You can accompany the roast beef with a Tannat or enjoy a late harvest next to the dessert.
Enjoy the nature and learn spanish at the same time. It’s amazing. A real pleasure. Do not lose it and visit Uruguay soon!
Contact us for further information and quotations. Have an amazing trip.

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