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Spanish Lessons Online

1.When must my payment be received? 
As soon as you complete your registration form we will send you your course confirmation with your Invoice so that you can complete the payment. Once the payment is done you will be ready to start the course online.

2. Will I learn as much from my online courses as I would in a traditional classroom? 
All our online Spanish courses  has got the same high level of instruction. In fact, many of our students take online courses along with an in-class course in order to learn faster. In addition, online courses offer greatly enriched multimedia components and increased opportunities for interaction with your instructor. Often your questions are answered more quickly, in greater depth and with more relevance than in a regular classroom.

3. Can I start my course at any time or are there specific dates for the sessions? 
You can start at any time your course, you just have to combine it with your Spanish Instructor.

4.Who are you?
We are Spanish Uruguay Spanish School.
An Uruguayan /Argentine based company that offers online Spanish lessons to students from all over the world as well as Spanish courses in our Schools of South America.

5. Do I have to come to South American to learn Spanish with you?
No, you will learn Spanish at home or in your office (or anywhere with an internet connection), using Skype.

6. I don't have Skype!
Click here to get Skype now, its free!

7. How do online Spanish classes work?
Our online Spanish classes are conducted using Skype, the free online video conferencing software. This technology allows students and teachers speak and see each other in real time via their computers. This is a close as you can get to sitting across the table from your teacher. 

8. What are the teachers’ backgrounds?
All our teachers are native Uruguayans and Argentines with a university degree. They have previous experience teaching Spanish to English speakers, and some have experience teaching Spanish to Portuguese speakers. Our teachers have worked with beginning to advanced Spanish speakers. 

9. What teaching methodology do you use?
Our goal is to increase your conversational fluency. Therefore, we place emphasis on conversation, infusing a mix of vocabulary, grammar and dialogue into the classes. Each student is different, however, making it necessary to tailor each class to the needs and goals of each student. If a student prefers to learn a certain way or would like to study a certain topic, we will adapt to your needs. After all, you are the client. 

10. What kind of teaching materials do you use?
We have a series of proprietary lessons that we pass out to students. At times they are created just for a particular student

11. How many Spanish classes do you recommend I take a week?
For serious students, we recommend six hours per week. It keeps learning fresh, the student in a rhythm and the pace of learning quick. We do, however, work with students taking only one class per week. Their learning pace is just slower than it would be with more lessons. 

12. What happens if I cannot attend a class and have to cancel?
If you must cancel a class, you will not be charged if you give us a notice of 24 hours and the credit will go to your next class. If you do not show up for a class or cancel a class within less than 24 hours, you will be charged full price for the lesson. 

13. Do you teach on the weekends?
Some teachers do teach on the weekend. Please check with the availability of your teacher to see if this is an option. 

14. What if I don’t like my instructor?
Although this is not normally been a problem, if you do no not feel comfortable with your teacher, we will place you with another teacher. 

15. What if the internet connection is poor or goes down?
If the internet connection is poor or goes down, the class will be rescheduled for a later date. Because it is difficult to tell from which end stems the problem, there will be no refund for the class. 



:: Our Spanish School from Uruguay latin america is offering online Spanish courses for those students that can not travel to south america in order to learn spanish language. Our online Spanish courses apart of offering Academic Excellence for the best price will give you the great opportunity of studying Spanish from your work or your home.
Please check our faqs above and if you have any doubt about our Spanish lessons online feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with all the information you need to Learn Spanish online.

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