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Learn Spanish Language in South America

Student’s Coments

I am Spanish but I live in Ireland since 13 years ago. At that time I have not been practicing the language. Well, I found this course to increase my level of Spanish. It was great doing the course. The teachers are very friendly. I was there for 2 months. Classes were 3 hours each day, a time devoted to grammar and a time dedicated to converse and use what I learned. I really enjoyed the teaching methods. I recommend this course for people of any level of Spanish. Thank you Spanish Uruguay.



I just happened to find Spanish Uruguay Spanish School while I was doing work in Montevideo, and I really couldn't have been happier with the classes I took. The teachers were great (Juan Tocci is an absolutely fabulous person and a very practical teacher), the surroundings are warm, school and location were all very comfortable, and the ambiance was probably what I was most impressed with. The staff and teachers create a fantastic learning environmentally where students are encouraged to learn not only the Spanish language but the culture, as well. I highly recommend Spanish Uruguay Spanish School!


Spanish Uruguay Spanish School is the best Spanish school Iíve tried so far. I have studied under Juan Tocci and this guy is simply amazing, you probably wonít understand what Iím talking about until you have experienced on your own one of his courses. He is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable, 100% dedicated to what he does, and with a captivating voice, similar to Morgan Freemanís, that will keep you hooked the entire time to the point you become like an addict to his courses. One other thing I liked at Spanish Uruguay Spanish School classes: the debates we had in class which most of the time ended with a beer on a ledge. In the end, Spanish Uruguay Spanish School is the best Spanish school a person could wish for!!!


Hola Spanish Uruguay !

We arrived in Buenos Aires without talking a word of spanish. There are many spanish schools here and you are so happy we chose Spanish Uruguay ! They offered the best price for an intensive course, and teach only in small groups. The lessons are very practical, based on everyday life situations, which allows you to be able to speak spanish within a few days... That was exactly what we were looking for ! Plus we got to learn a lot about the culture and had a lot of fun during the lessons. Our teacher Andrea is a very nice person, very friendly, patient, helpful and fun to learn with.

After 3 weeks of lessons we feel ready enough to go travelling around South America. The course was very necessary, we are grateful to Andrea for all we know now : spanish and a lot more about Argentina !!

Muchas gracias
Hasta luego !
Amelie & Juergen


Juan and Alejandra,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the classes I am taking at Spanish Uruguay. I also want to provide a testimonial for anyone considering Spanish Uruguay.
After two months of classes I can confidently report that Spanish Uruguay has highly trained instructors, quality lesson materials, and very competitive prices.The instructors come to class well prepared and genuinely care about each students progress.
In addition to the lessons I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with people from all over the world. In the time I have been here, I have met fellow Spanish Uruguay students from England, Finland, Germany, the USA, Italy, and Australia.
I wholeheartedly recommend Spanish Uruguay to people of all ages who want to learn Spanish in one of the most special places in Latin America. I have learned a lot, made new friends, and had fun.

David Hammond
Long Beach, California

Spanish Uruguay's private course took me to a level of Spanish I had not reached before. They tailored their program to my exact needs; after a few lessons I was able to clearly notice the changes in my grammar and pronunciation.
Thanks Spanish Uruguay!!!


Hola hola hola!

We are so bad for not responding until now! But we are finally settled in a
new home in San Jose, California and wanted to tell you that we really
enjoyed your instruction in Buenos Aires and look back on those weeks very
fondly. Thank you Andrea!! I hope you're well and enjoying your winter as we
get into our summer ;)

Say hello to Argentina for us! Lane&kristy

Hi Pablo, sorry for the long long long delay, but we're finally settled back home and I'm happy to report that we really and truly enjoyed Andrea's instruction as our Spanish teacher.
Andrea was a wonderful instructor and we enjoyed our time with you very much.
Thank you! Kristy

ello Ale



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