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Estudié en SPANISH URUGUAY ATLÁNTIDA tres meses con Juan Polito.
Honestamente no me arrepiento ni un segundo del tiempo que pasé estudiando con él. Después de la primera clase que tuve sabía que iba a disfrutar las lecciones muchísimo. Además de ser muy amable y simpático el tiene entendimiento cabal de su idioma y una manera de enseñarle a los extranjeros sin rival. Cualquier pregunta, problema, duda que tenía con español el me lo explicaba y aplacaba mi ansiedad enteramente de una manera super adecuada para un estudiante extranjero.

Atlántida es un lugar hermoso y las playas son bien parecidas a las de mi país, Australia. El alojamiento, que Juan organizó, era cómodo, limpio, bien abrigado, de aspecto moderno y precio correcto. Durante mi estancia no tuve  nada para quejarme y cualquier cosa que necesitaba Juan me lo arreglaba, incluso un viaje a Buenos Aires para hacer mi Examen de Nivel Internacional de Español.

Lo mejor de todo fue que mi nivel de español subió desde un intermedio hasta uno avanzado, hasta ser capaz de escribir este testimonio sin que Juan tenga que corregirlo. Con confianza total lo puedo recomendar a cualquier persona que venga y estudie con Spanish Uruguay. Les aseguro que no se arrepentirán.

Eric Blue, Australia

Juan and Alejandra,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the classes I am taking at Spanish Uruguay. I also want to provide a testimonial for anyone considering Spanish Uruguay.
After two months of classes I can confidently report that Spanish Uruguay has highly trained instructors, quality lesson materials, and very competitive prices.The instructors come to class well prepared and genuinely care about each students progress.
In addition to the lessons I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with people from all over the world. In the time I have been here, I have met fellow Spanish Uruguay students from England, Finland, Germany, the USA, Italy, and Australia.
I wholeheartedly recommend Spanish Uruguay to people of all ages who want to learn Spanish in one of the most special places in Latin America. I have learned a lot, made new friends, and had fun.

David Hammond
Long Beach, California

Spanish Uruguay's private course took me to a level of Spanish I had not reached before. They tailored their program to my exact needs; after a few lessons I was able to clearly notice the changes in my grammar and pronunciation.
Thanks Spanish Uruguay!!!


Hola hola hola!

We are so bad for not responding until now! But we are finally settled in a
new home in San Jose, California and wanted to tell you that we really
enjoyed your instruction in Buenos Aires and look back on those weeks very
fondly. Thank you Andrea!! I hope you're well and enjoying your winter as we
get into our summer ;)

Say hello to Argentina for us! Lane&kristy

Hola Andrea,
Gracias por tu e-mail!! Como te vas?? Mi viaje fue muy largo, pero sin problemas! Cuando yo llege, estaba muy cansada y dormi mucho!
Es muy raro ser a Holanda despues mucho tiempo a linda Argentina y nadie habla castellano aca! Escucho mucho mi CDs, tango y reggaeton,
y lloro cuando pienzo en todos los lindo recuerdos de nuestra tiempo alla;) Como va con estudiar Holandes?? Naomi esta a Bariloche
ahora y despues viajara a Chile. Mi diploma colga (?) arriba mi cama!

Besos y saludos a tu familia!

Hi Pablo, sorry for the long long long delay, but we're finally settled back home and I'm happy to report that we really and truly enjoyed Andrea's instruction as our Spanish teacher.
Andrea was a wonderful instructor and we enjoyed our time with you very much.
Thank you! Kristy

Hello Alechandra,

I am sending few pictures of your students.

I was and even now I feel the privilege that I was your student. You are smart, persistent (in your unobtrusive way), fair, can keep authority, dignity and you know who Antigona is. As far as Antigona goes, I know you are the actress, or as we could say in spanish "actriz," but still. There is nothing like a smart and unassuming woman.

As far as myself goes, I keep studying Spanish a little not to forget much and readying myself for the trip to Europe (Republica Checa.), Israel, Jordan, Syria and Istanbul. At home I work around the house and have to maintain the cars and yes, my Harley. You know how it is. The more we have the more we worry and have to work on it.

Thank you, regards "y hasta luego," from your friend Antonin.

I highly recommend SPANISH URUGUAY for studying Spanish as a second language. As an English professor who has also studied English in various language schools in England and USA and who has also studied Spanish in Buenos Aires and Mexico, I appreciate the methods used by Spanish Uruguay that have definitely helped me improve my Spanish. The professor JUAN POLITO is knowledgeable, friendly, accessible, and very helpful. The lessons provide a good basis in grammar that we need in order to speak in our conversation classes. Overall, the classroom atmosphere is excellent to build the student´s profiency in the language. In addition, there are all sorts of cultural activities to participate in that round out this excellent program.

For instance visiting some incredible touristic places.
Sarah Taylor

My experience at Spanish Uruguay was beyond my expectations. Beginning with the attention and response of the administration, through each day of class and finally with the excellent cultural program. My professor explained the structure of the language in a way which was easy to understand and we discussed on interesting social or political topic every day.
I highly recommend it!

Howard Smith

Spanish Uruguay is a wonderful school that really prepares students to speak and understand Spanish. The classes are stimulating. The professors plan thoughtful and fun activities to reinforce the grammar and that encourage students to talk. I appreciate that the classes were organized in a grammar component and a conversation component that made the class fast paced and exciting. Spanish Uruguay really does an outstanding job taking care of students' needs outside of the classroom. They helped me with my housing. They organized fun activites on the weekends, and they provided optional classes to enhance my knowledge of Spanish culture and pronunciation. *
I will definitely return!!!!
Laura Strauss

Hi Guys!!

Sorry for the delay but here are some of the photos I took from class.
Hope you are all well.
I miss Uruguay and classes very much....
Hope to see you all soon.

Paula xxx

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